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Raw carob coconut balls

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“Each individual has a unique food personality. The key is finding the balance point at which you feel great and are healthy.” 

- Rachel Frank


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Here is a simple recipe for an easy raw snack for those with a sweet tooth. I make these occasionally when I want to have a sweet treat when watching a movie or as just as a simple and easy dessert. It's easy, jummy and guilt free!


You need a food processor to make these balls.

Approximately 20 small pieces:


3 dl walnuts

1 dl organic raisins

1 table spoon honey

2 tablespoons carob powder or if you don’t have carob, use organic cacao powder

A hint of himlaya salt

coconut flakes


Start with blending the walnuts in the food processor. Add the raisins, himalaya salt, carob powder and honey. Blend. Remove the mix from the food processor and start rolling small carob balls. Leave half natural and half role in coconut flakes, to create visual interest :)


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