“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.” ~Astrid Alauda

Love yourself enough to stand up for who you are and what you really want ...

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“When you truly love yourself, you are enough. Your happiness and well-being become a top priority.”
- Annette Vaillancourt Ph. D.
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Loving yourself .. We have all heard it .. at some point... and yes .. it seems easier said than done. 
For me it has been a journey, and still is a learning experience. I think that if you are open to it, you can learn a great deal about yourself and others on the way.
But I have come to realise from personal experiences in my life, that being totally honest with who I am and what I need and want and honouring that, is very important for the quality of my life. Listening to the voice within, my greatest guide, my heart, my soul whatever word you choose to use, is, the most important way of loving yourself. To me, it's the greatest form of self love there is.
Don't settle. Especially, as a woman in this world I find it really important to say this. Everyday we are surrounded by series, movies, old traditions, magazines whatever, where women are taking the back seat and settling for less. And for what and why?
To me, it is also a choice. I have experienced and learned that being honest with myself is the first step in being honest with others. It is actually a relief when you come to realise that you love yourself enough to say - "wait a minute.. this doesn't feel right ..." Listening to it, can acctually be a great sense of wellbeing and peace. When something doesn't feel right, act. To me it's the only way forward. Because when you are totally acknowledging what you really want, in life, from relationships, at work, it can actually be the greatest source of energy. And people respect that.
It was only when I could let go of the fear of rejection, fear of failure, that I could move beyond it. Be your own greatest supporter and encourager. When it comes to relationships you can't decide the outcome, but you can choose to be true to your feelings, communicate your needs and wants. Listen. Communicate honestly.  If it does'n't work out, fine .. let go.. something better is on the way.
For me everything in life and every relationship is a learning experience, and I am grateful for the people that have come and gone in my life who have helped me realise this important lesson. I believe that life is a mirror and what you acknowledge in others, you also acknowledge in yourself. What you don't accept in others, you have a hard time accepting in yourself.
I say, Be true, no matter the outcome, and you will experience a sort of acceptance and peace within that is truly liberating.
And never give up on your dreams. Because I believe that you really can have it all.
"To tell the truth is to become beautiful, to begin to love yourself, value yourself. And that's political, in it's own profound way."
- June Jordan



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