“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.” ~Astrid Alauda

10 great reasons to practice Pilates

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'Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness it is important to gain mastery of your body.'

– Joseph Pilates (founder of Pilates)


Everyone who knows me well, knows that I do Pilates as a regular workout routine about 3-4 times a week as a minimum. I love it! It started in the Spring of 2005 when I bought a Winsor Pilates DVD and tried it at home. I was amazed how I shortly started feeling strong and toned and I began to see positive physical changes in my body. I knew I had found my thing!

Pilates gives me energy, tones me, increases flexibility and it’s simply the best workout for me. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to regular health fitness and that’s great but I can tell you a little more about why I think Pilates is so great. Maybe you will be inspired!

Besides the above: improves muscle tone by using your own body weight and stimulate metabolism, Pilates also improves flexibility by using stretching flowing movements. It is also very energizing because it increases blood circulation and oxygen to the brain. Improves posture by strengthening the core and abs as well as back the so called “power house”. By improving your posture you will also improve your balance through Pilates. Doing Pilates also sharpens out mind by focusing on our body and the movements we do. It requires full concentration. Pilates also releases cortisol, stress hormone that usually builds up overnight in our bodies, so doing Pilates in the morning may have a relaxing effect on our system and we sleep better. There are also some anti-aging benefits of practicing Pilates: the age of our body is in direct proportion to the age of our spines. If our spinal health is not well and we are stooped and weak in the core then we will look much older than we actually are. With Pilates you will realign and correct the spinal imbalances by strengthening the core muscles that support the spine. In turn you will stand taller, look trimmer, and be happy! This all relates to a young person. It also decreases back and joint pain and is easy on the body, and it is a lot of fun! You can use a lot of aids such as small and big balls, hand and foot weights etc. when you practice Pilates.

The great thing about this fitness routine is that if you have some pain or restraints then you can adjust the positions accoring to your own needs. Moves can be modified based on your abaility and comfort level. That is why pilates is for everyone, young and old. I definately recommend everyone to try it once. maybe you will be hooked too!







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