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Two minute trick to boost your confidence

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"If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced". 

~Vincent Van Gogh


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Sometimes you just need a quick fix! I think everyone at times, need a little boost in self-confidence. I definitely do from time to time and so I always try to find new ways of improving and continue feeling really good about myself, every day.

According to Amy Cuddy (an American social psychologist) our body language actually affects our feelings and also our mind when it comes to performance. She makes links between the animal kingdom and dominance and human dominance and poses. Cuddy suggests what she calls “power poses”, that can be used a few minutes in privacy to increase performance.

1.       Simply smile, it affects our emotions and mind too and we automatically feel happier.

2.       - Stand like wonder woman, it’s a strong powerful pose.

3.       - Or the CEO pose: put your hands behind your head and put up your feet on the desk and smile. 

4.       Put your hands up in the air, spread your legs a little, like a star, like you just won the gold medal in marathon, and feel empowered!

Basically, Power poses decrease the stress hormone cortisol and increase the dominance hormone testosterone. She also refers to tests of people who have been practicing these power poses have shown to succeed better in landing a job etc.

Before an interview, a presentation or an important meeting:

1.      Prepare in advance even for a few minutes, you might want some privacy, go to the bathroom and strike a powerful pose. Walk around, use the space that is around you to boost yourself.

2.      Go in to the interview room and be as big as you are comfortable with. Not weak, not super dominant. Be comfortable but take up space! It’s yours. 


       Worth trying I think!


Link to full inspiring ted talk:


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