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Raw love Chocolate, Banana & Blueberry creamy Ice Cream

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“Raw food desserts are the getaway drug to healthy eating”
–Kevin Gianni
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Yesterday I decided to make some Raw creamy love Ice Cream. It's jummy, sweet n tasty!
I usually take a look in my kitchen and see what i have at home and work from that. So I decided to take out the frozen pealed and diced bananas I had prepared earlier, out of the freezer. I put them in the blender and added various ingredients to make 3 kinds of different creamy love ice cream: Banana, Chocolate and Blueberry. Delicious!
I divided the frozen bananas into 3 different bowls and blended one after the other.
All you need is:
8 organic bananas (for 3 types of creamy love ice cream) (peal and dice them and put in the freezer for 12 hours)
1/2 tea spoon organic vanilla powder
1 table spoon acacia honey
120 g frozen organic blueberries
1/2 dl cashewnuts
1 table spoon organic cacao powder
I started with pure banana ice cream, just added some acacia honey, some cashew and vanilla powder, blended until smooth and served in the first bowl and added frozen blueberries for topping.
I continued with the chocolate ice cream, added acacia honey, some cashew, and cacao powder, blended until smooth and topped with some blueberries
Finished with the last portion of berry ice cream and simply added blueberries, acacia honey, a few cashews, vanilla powder and garnished with some cashewnuts.
Serve in pretty bowls and enjoy!
Fast, simple, and deliciously Raw!
“Becoming healthy is a journey, not a destination”
- Frank Ferendo


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