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4 powerful tips to master self-confidence

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“I am the captain of my ship and the master of my faith” - William Ernest Henley.



I believe that it is possible to master self-confidence. I am currently practicing it myself in different ways and thought I should share this information with those who are interested.

Dr Ivan Joseph (an American football coach) talks about building confidence through repetition, repetition and repetition. Repeating something we want to be good at help us improve, whatever we may be doing. He also talks about avoiding negative self-talk. And what is interesting is how we can actually use this as a practice by what he calls “fake it till you make it”. Do it for a limited amount of time until you succeed.

The takeaway here is:

1.       Repetition, repetition and repetition

2.      Create powerful positive Self talk (affirmations)

3.       Focus on what you did/and do right

4.       No one will believe in you unless you do!

Enough people will have negative things to say about others including yourself so don’t you be one of them doing it to yourself. You deserve better! Instead keep positive affirmations and visualisations tools by your bedside, look at them by the mirror every morning. Keep telling yourself how great you are how great you will be and so on... also focus on the things that you are doing right. Others will probably more often comment on what you have done wrong than what you have done right. So be kind to yourself and tell remind yourself about all the good things you do and more importantly, all the good things you are. Ultimately, no one will believe in you unless you believe in yourself. So start believing in yourself today and it will change your life to the better!

Link to full inspiring TED talk with Dr Ivan Joseph:


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