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16 health benefits of drinking warm lemon water

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When life throws you lemons, make lemon water!
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Today I'm starting Sunday morning with cup of lemon water. Squeeze half a lemon in a cup of warm water and drink. I drink coffee too at times, just because I like the taste. But lemonwater is one of my favourite drinks in the morning because it aids the digestive system and helps the body eliminate waste products from the body easier. It also prevents constipation, diarrhea by ensuring smooth bowel functions. And It's fresh and tastes good.
Lemons are vitamin C rich citrus fruits that enhance your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within bringing a glow to your face. Lemon is also known for it's immun system boost effect and can protect us from various infections as well as it helps purify the blood. A glass of lemon juice contains less than 25 calories. It is a rich source of nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin C and pectin fiber. It also has medicinal values and antibacterial properties. It also contains traces of iron and vitamin A. It also hepls maintain a sound PH balance in the body.
So make it a habbit to begin your day with a glass of warm lemon juice. Its cleansing and healing effects will have positive effects on your health in the long run. However it is very important to note that lemon juice when comes directly in contact with the teeth, can ruin the enamel on the teeth. Hence, it is advised to consume it diluted and also rinse your mouth thoroughly after drinking lemon juice.


  • Lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies
  • Lemons contain pectin fiber which is very beneficial for colon health and also serves as a powerful antibacterial
  • It balances maintain the pH levels in the body
  • Having warm lemon juice early in the morning helps flush out toxins
  • It aids digestion
  • It is also a great source citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium
  • It helps prevent the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and diseases
  • It helps reducing pain and inflammation in joints and knees as it dissolves uric acid
  • It helps cure the common cold
  • The potassium content in lemon helps nourish brain and nerve cells
  • It strengthens the liver by providing energy to the liver enzymes when they are too dilute
  • It helps balance the calcium and oxygen levels in the liver In case of a heart burn, taking a glass of concentrated lemon juice can give relief
  • It is of immense benefit to the skin and it prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne
  • It helps maintain the health of the eyes and helps fight against eye problems
  • Aids in the production of digestive juices
  • Lemon juice helps replenish body salts especially after a strenuous workout session
Enjoy your lemon water!

A few useful tips on Eating Raw during the winter

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“By looking to the Source, to the Creator of nature, we can remember how to navigate life organically, with less struggle, and less suffering.”

- Jeffrey R. Anderson, The Nature of Things - Navigating Everyday Life with Grace


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Eating a raw food diet can seem a bit more daunting during these cold Scandinavian Winter months. Life is good in the Summer months with cold smoothies, colourful raw salads and fresh berries growing in the garden. However, I find that during the Winter I also incorporate vegan and vegetarian recipes into my diet but I still enjoy smoothies and salads but also eat a lot of fruit.

Eating raw also means eating foods at room temperature, or even heating it a little no more than 42 degrees Celsius. Eating lots of raw foods will also keep your immune system thriving during cold and flu season when friends and family are sniffling the days away.

Eat Warm Food (finger warm) no more than 42 degrees celsius

Most of us think that raw food shall be eaten only cold, even chilled. But during the winter especially this does not have to be the case. Eating food at room temperature or even heating the food until its finger warm temperature, is comforting.

Eat Heating Foods and Spices

Cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic and black pepper are all examples of ingredients that can warm you from within. Use them in beverages as well as meals and keep your internal fire stoked. Warm beverages are a great way to satisfy a sweet craving as well as give the body some spice.

About the Carbs

Carbohydrates are what your body wants more of in winter. Rather than a little extra fat and protein, as much as we all love to indulge in such things, what your body needs more of to combat the cold is carbohydrates. Your metabolism increases in cold weather, which causes you to lose that valuable padding. So if you are wondering why your salad doesn't have that same appeal that it did just a few short weeks ago, it is because vegetables have very little calories and carbohydrates. Try adding fruit to your diet as well as your salad dressing.  Contrary to popular misconception, protein doesn't give you energy, at least, not without a real inner workout, and fat isn't much more efficient, it's carbohydrates that feed you.

Dehydrated Snacks and Treats

As always, a dehydrator, or as I usually use, mo oven can come in use when making crackers cookies, veggie crisps. Raw breads are all perfect anytime foods that keep the stomach happy and the mind comforted.

So keep warm everyone xx



The wonders of carrot juice

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I love my juicer and recommend everyone to get one and juice as often as possible. You don't have to get a really expensive one, as long as you juice slowly and wisely. I try to juice veggies and fruits at least once or twice a week. I often juice carrots, mych because of the colour and the taste but also the benefits of drinking it. Carrot juice is also often called the "miracle juice". A large number of people have found that the inclusion of carrotjuice in their diet has greatly imporved their health. I usually make carrot juice with a hint of ginger and usually add a bit of turmeric just to make it even healthier. Personally, I eat a lot with my eyes and love foods, juices and smoothies that are rich in natural colur and taste. Knowing that the food I put in my mouth is filled with powerful nutrients that helps my body to be strong, healthy and beautiful, gives me the motivation to choose my foods with awareness. So the rich colour of this juice, the rich taste, it is truly divine!

My easy recipe:

2 - 3 kgs of organic carrots

2- 3 cm of ginger

1 teaspoon of turmeric

Can be stored in the fridge for a few hours (needs to be stirred before drinking) but is better served fresh!


Health benefits of carrot juice:

1. Stimulate Appetite and Improve Digestion

When you have carrot juice around 20 minutes before eating a meal, it will serve to help stimulate your body’s secretion of the digestive juices, serving as a great appetizer. The soluble fiber in carrots can benefit your digestive organs in many ways, thus promoting digestion.

2. Improve Eyesight

Most people are already aware that carrot juice improves eyesight but do not know how it does so. It is because carrots contain both beta-carotene and lutein. These compounds protect vision, specifically night vision. The liver converts beta-carotene into vitamin A and then this compound goes to the retina and becomes rhodopsin, a substance necessary to healthy night-vision.

3. Prevent Cancer

Carrot juice contains high levels of carotenoids and these have been associated with a decrease of 20% for postmenopausal breast cancer. Some studies looking at the carrot juice benefits have also shown a 50% decrease in occurrence of the following cancers: larynx, colon, prostate, cervix and bladder. Other studies have shown similar results regarding lung cancer. Researchers believe these effects are due to the levels of xanthophylls, gamma-carotene, lycopene, lutein and alpha-carotene.

4. Regulate Blood Sugar

Researchers believe that carrots may also be able to help regulate your blood sugar. This is due to their high content of carotenoids, which have been inversely associated with blood sugar levels which are high.

5. Promote Lung Health

Carrot juice is great at promoting lung health including protecting the respiratory system from risks of infection and helping to counter the bad side effects associated with smoking. This is because carrot juice is very rich in vitamin A can help reduce the risk of emphysema which is one of the biggest risks for smokers.

6. Benefit Your Skin

When you have a vitamin A deficiency it can cause damage and dryness to your hair, nails and skin. Because of its high vitamin A content, carrot juice is able to help with psoriasis and other dry skin problems.

7. Enrich Lactation

Nursing mothers should also consider carrot juice benefits as it can help them enrich their milk. It can also help supply calcium during pregnancy. Carrot juice is also an excellent way to ensure an infant who is breastfeeding receives vitamin A.

8. Improve Liver Functions

One of the most useful methods for detoxing your liver is to have between 2 and 3 pints of carrot juice each day. This quantity may cause your skin to develop an orange hue due to the toxic bile that is being purged from your liver.

9. Other Benefits

Carrot juice can also help balance your blood acidity, help cleanse acne, fight anemia and help with atherosclerosis, asthma, cholesterol, congestion, constipation, ulcers and water retention.


Carrots that are darker contain more carotene. Most people feel that carrot juice tastes surprisingly sweet and enjoyable and this is due to its high content of natural sugar. Because of this, diabetics should ask their doctors how much carrot juice is recommended in their diet.



The health benefits of turmeric:

Tumeric has been used for over 2500 years in India, where it was most likely first used as a dye.

The medicinal properties of this spice have been slowly revealing themselves over the centuries. Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, recent research has revealed that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer's disease.

20 health benefits of turmeric:

1. It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, useful in disinfecting cuts and burns.

2. When combined with cauliflower, it has shown to prevent prostate cancer and stop the growth of existing prostate cancer.

3. Prevented breast cancer from spreading to the lungs in mice.

4. May prevent melanoma and cause existing melanoma cells to commit suicide.

5. Reduces the risk of childhood leukemia.

6. Is a natural liver detoxifier.

7. May prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by removing amyloyd plaque buildup in the brain.

8. May prevent metastases from occurring in many different forms of cancer.

9. It is a potent natural anti-inflammatory that works as well as many anti-inflammatory drugs but without the side effects.

10. Has shown promise in slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis in mice.

11. Is a natural painkiller and cox-2 inhibitor.

12. May aid in fat metabolism and help in weight management.

13. Has long been used in Chinese medicine as a treatment for depression.

14. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

15. Boosts the effects of chemo drug paclitaxel and reduces its side effects.

16. Promising studies are underway on the effects of turmeric on pancreatic cancer.

17. Studies are ongoing in the positive effects of turmeric on multiple myeloma.

18. Has been shown to stop the growth of new blood vessels in tumors.

19. Speeds up wound healing and assists in remodeling of damaged skin.

20. May help in the treatment of psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Contraindications: Turmeric should not be used by people with gallstones or bile obstruction. Though turmeric is often used by pregnant women, it is important to consult with a doctor before doing so as turmeric can be a uterine stimulant.


Now, having that said, enjoy your carrot juice!



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