“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.” ~Astrid Alauda

The importance of paying attention to your own body ...

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“How would your life be different if...You were conscious about the food you ate, the people you surround yourself with, and the media you watch, listen to, or read? Let today be the day...You pay attention to what you feed your mind, your body, and your life. Create a nourishing environment conducive to your growth and well-being today.”  
- Steve Marboli, The Power of One
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Having parents that were way ahead in the 80s, and growing up in a family with a strong health awareness definately made a great impact on me. I am very thankful for the strong start I got in life.
I grew up on the beautiful peninsula of Bjärehalvön in the South of Sweden. Although my parents traveled a lot when we were kids being selfemployed, this is where I was born and this is where I call home.
The first years of my life I grew up on a strict Raw diet and I remember it became increasingly difficult for my parents to continue our special diets 100% when we started kindergarden and school in England and later in Sweden.
Although I wasn't eating only raw during my later young years, my mom always made big colourful salad plates as a starter before every evening meal, to make sure that we all got natural nourisment at home. She always bought organic and made sure the food she served was tasty, made with love and absoloutely nourishing, just the way any kid would like it. I never remember us complaining about the food, we always ate our veggies and sprouts. My mom also made sure there was an abundance of organic fruit in the house for us to munch on freely when a little hungry. From time to time she also grew fresh wheat grass at home. She took out the wheat grass grinder she bought in the States when attending several raw food courses with Ann Wigmore, the founder of raw food, and made us fresh wheetgrass juice, while me and my siblings enthusiastically helped her grind. Oh..  I still remember the fresh smell in the kitchen of wheet grass.
Mm .. It was pure green elixir...
I also remember sitting around the dinner table every evening with my family, thinking this food tastes so good,  it has so much variety and taste and is much more colourful than the food we get in school. Also I was never a milk drinker when I was young, I refused to drink milk in school although my teachers tried their best to force me to drink some milk. They said "- if you don't drink milk, your bones will decae" oh well... I always knew milk wasn't for me and I stuck with natural clean tap water. Later in life I also discovered that I am slighly lactose and gluten intolerant. So already then, my body knew it couldn't digest that kind of food very well.
It's interesting. Thats why I always tell everyone when the topic of food comes up, that it's so important to listen to your own body. Be aware of the signals it's sending you. Listen and learn and do, eat what feels good for you. As long as you feel good in your body, eat that.
So, basically veggies and fruits and natural foods have had steady presence thoughout my life and for that I am eternally grateful. I also think that this contributed to my body responding so quickly to raw food, because it was the first natural nourishment I was ever fed.
My body actually craves it.
It craves the colours, because I also eat with my eyes, the nourishment, and the bliss of eating natural foods. Love it xxx
Vitality and beauty are gifts of Nature for those who lives according to its laws
- Leonardo Da Vinci




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there may be a lot of fear of eating raw due to suspected foodbourne disease but there are more benefits than risk.Think of detox,improved metabolism, sustained immunity brabrabra

spread the words congrats

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Welcome to my blog! I am a Raw food & a plant based diet enthusiast from Sweden, living in Copenhagen. I grew up partly on only eating raw food, having parents that were way ahead in the 80s. I mainly eat a plant-based diet because I want to nourish my body, have clarity in my mind, my soul and my heart. I'm into the pureness of whole foods, health and positive living. I believe the best thing you can do for yourself is to listen to your own body and eat what makes you feel good and happy. My personal approach to vegetarian and raw food is to keep it simple! Back to basics. In this blog I share information and tips for inspiration on physical, mental and emotional health.

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